Ian with Boss & Elder

Posted By: Drew Patrick
Ian thank you very much for making the puppy buying experience such a positive one. Nos is a lovely dog and is settling in nicely here in Frankfurt. Ian takes great care to match the breeding stock properly, not only to produce fine working dogs, but also to minimize the spread of genetic defects. The results speak for themselves. Highly recommended as a breeder and a trainer. Also a nice guy. Keep up the good work.
Drew, Iris, Duff & Nos.

Posted By: Jill Lesi
Hellloooo Ian. Just clicked on here during my lunch break! Really enjoyed the nosey around. Just to update you....Jazz is doing well in her first year of working tests, I've picked up a couple of awards. I'm also looking forward to this years shoot as we both thoroughly enjoyed it last year!
Getting giddy about our iminent visit in July!! (oh no I hear you cry!!haha!) Lastly and by no means least THANK YOU so much for helping me get my foot on the working Labrador rung, I could not have done it without you guys. Thanks again, see you soon..... Jill, Ben and Jazz

Hi Ian
well it's five days since we brought Penny home and she has made a massive difference to our lives. We absolutely adore the little lady we cannot thank you both enough she is a pleasure to have.As Labrador Retriever breeders you must be two of the best if not the best in the country so if anyone is reading this post to help make a decision wether Peniglen is the breeders they should get their Labrador from then all i would tell you is you need look no further because you will not find better any where.In my opinion Peniglen Labs are the best......John & Janice Mc Ewan......

Posted By: Lee Hayman
I would like to thank Ian for encouraging me into the competition side of working tests and trials,Ian you gave me the time,effort and patience last summer to give me the knowledge I needed to succeed with my dogs,I have now achieved Novice and Open victories with my dogs,Thankyou so much you are a true professional.

Posted By: Henry Vincent Price
Was great meeting up and training with you again last sunday, You had a well thought out training sesion for me to start the day with a full test set out with cold game ie. pheasant, duck rabbit dummys ect.. really testing the dog. I fully recommend anyone to have a 1 to 1 or group sesion with ian. I have come away again learning new training teqniques. Ian makes you feel so relaxed and it is such an enjoyable day. Can not wait until 4 of us are going back in sept for a long weekend training with a test on the sun before we leave. Can not recommend him enough thx again Ian....

Hi Ian just to say thank's alot for everything, we have named our wonderful puppy Boss, he has fitted straight into our family and we all love him to bits. He was worth the 420 mile trip [twice]and I am sure we will be calling in again sometime soon, all the advice you have given us over the phone and in person has given me full confidence that we have chosen a reputable breeder. All the best for Christmas & Happy New Year to all at Peniglen
Best Regards Dan Mcgowan

Posted by;- Helen Nightingale
We used Boss as a Sire 2 and a half years ago. We had 7 pups. I regularly see 3 of them and am in contact with three of the rest. They are all VERY fit, friendly, great temperaments and lovely looking Labs. Ian was extreemly helpful before and after. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Posted by: Esther Innes-Larkin
We just wanted to say Thank You, our labrador Millie attended her first training session tonight and we all thoroughly enjoyed it ~ to see her get so much in just one session shows the potential, thanks for being patient & informative, see you next week.
Esther, & Millie

Posted by: Karin Schoch.
You have a very nice website.
Best regards from Switzerland! Karin and Swaine Heilin

Posted by:- Ian.
congratulate you on a very informative web site.
Many Thanks.. Ian Major....

Posted by:- Alison.
Thanks for all your help over the past 3 months. I feel that we are starting to make some real progress and it is lovely to see Lucy developing her skills.
Warm regards Ally

Posted by:- Samantha.
Exceptional and professional at Peniglen. Big thankyou to Tracey and Ian for their expert knowledge, guidance and support over the last couple of months. without a doubt would recommend this kennel to any prospective labrador owner. Many thanks
Samantha - Murphy & Pads.....

Posted by:- Pete.
congratulations peniglen labradors
on winning lincs area novice test well done ian ,tracey & boss.thank you for your help, ongoing support ,training advice and most of all your valued friendship over the past 18 months,i look foward to competeting against you soon!
regards pete......Woodpath Gundogs.....

Posted by:- Andrew.
Well done to Ian for all the hard work,dedication and effort that they put into the training and caring of their dogs and always being there to offer advice and encouragement.The reward for all of this has been the culmination in Boss gaining first in a novice test and now progressing upto open standard. Keep up the good work and a big thank you for all your help.
An excellent website.....Andrew Baker.....Saffronlyn Gundogs....

Posted by:- Lisa.
Thankyou Ian for all your advise and knowledge you have given me and for always being at the other end of the phone.The pups are all sold now except one bitch which im keeping so i'll have boss's bloodlines in my kennels for future pups.kind regards and thanks again Lisa, Stubleywood Labradors

Posted by:- Steph.
Just wanted to comment on what a great job Ian does, rarely have I met such an individual. His knowledge and helpfulness in relation to the Labrador breed is second to none. Keep up the good work and well done a great new website.

Posted by:- Karen.
thanks for all your help and advise you gave us.before and after our bitch had whelped. she had six fantastic pups from boss,so good we kept one.we also made two very good friends.
karen & garry

Posted by:- Alison.
Thank you IAN your help and expertise has gone far beyond anything we could have hoped for.Your advice and the follow up after bitch had whelped, was outstanding.Whilst our past experience (WITH SOME WELL KNOWN LARGER BREEDERS)has been less than adequate,you have been nothing but professional and above all have the attitude, breeding,care,its not all about the stud fee! thank you both.kind regards, alison.....

Posted by:- Gavin.
Both my current dogs are from Peniglen. Whenever I am out they get admiring comments both as to their work and to their appearance. I wish that I could take just some of the credit but it is all down to the exceptional breeding programme that Peniglen is establishing at their kennels. Their deepseated belief that there are no short cuts in breeding excellent dogs sets an example that I only wish others would follow. Whenever anyone asks me where I got them I have no hesitation in telling them and talking to them about how both Ian and Tracey take such an ongoing interest in the dogs they breed and are always as helpfull as they can be in putting me right in all the mistakes that I am sure that I am making. Excellent website - keep up the good work..
Gavin, Princess Chip and Olive the Monkey

Posted by:- Claudia & Malcolm.
Hi Ian Just to let you know that both Malcolm and myself absolutely adore Libby. She is highly intelligent and a true natural, born with the best of gun dog hunting skills. She has settled very well into life in Norfolk and we have had some wonderful comments from people.

Posted by:- Lee.
without doubt, the highest standard of breeding procedure, regarding the mating of my working bitch-Dutch by Boss, the pups were of the highest quality! best luck for the future....regards lee.

Posted by:- Phil.
We have now had Archie (Peniglen Forrester) for just over 12 months. He was one of Jets first litter. Archie is turning out to be just about perfect. He has a wonderful temprement, especially with the children, and in that respect he is a fantastic family pet. In the working field, he continues to learn and is as keen as me to be a successful working dog. His ability to retrieve is very impressive, whatever the ground maybe. Thanks to you both for all your wonderful help and advice which has helped me get the very best out of Archie.