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We are a small privately owned kennel who's aim is to produce and train top quality healthy, working labradors for our next generations, with excellent temperments, soundness and intelligence who will excel in the shooting, working and trialing fields and who will also make fantastic family pets.

Our journey started when we bought our first labrador bitch - Dora (Swaine Astelia) who we initially bought as a pet. We immediately fell in love with Dora and the breed, so wanted to learn more and therefor attended some local gundog training classes where we got the 'bug' for gundog training and gundog work. We became totally addicted and wanted more and more, so after about 3 months went on to buy our second bitch Jet (Swaine Paiju). This meant that we had our own dog to train and to enjoy.

That same year we were invited along to a local shoot, where we spectated and generally enjoyed the atmosphere of the day. Towards the end of the day and on the last drive, there was a strong runner which landed in bracken which stood around 4ft tall. An experienced picking up dog was sent in for the retrieve - but which came back without the bird, so the guns dog was then sent in to find the runner.
After about 10mins that dog also came back out without the bird. The drive had finished by this point and all the beaters, guns, pickers and shoot captain were all stood in line - when
the shoot captain asked Tracey if she wanted to send in a very young Jet (around 8 or 9 months of age). Tracey lined Jet up for the blind as she hadn't seen the fall, and cast Jet off into the bracken, and after about 10 to 15 seconds Jet came out with the hen bird. WOW - what a fantastic moment - little Jet had just eye wiped two adult experienced picking up dogs. The whole place erupted into a big cheer, with everyone giving us a round of applause. After that we were invited along to every shoot day, the shoot captain understanding that they were still very young dogs and that one or two retrieves would be quite sufficient. After that day we decided to make it our full time hobby which we all thoroughly enjoy. And hopefully we will have many more years of fun, plenty of things we have yet to learn, and many more dogs to look forward to train and share our lives with.

Our stud dogs & bitches at Peniglen are microchipped for permanent identification.

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For more Information you can give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements.
Contact: Ian Whittle (Peniglen Labradors)
Larbrax Lodge,
Leswalt, Stranraer.
on the B738 between Leswalt & Portpatrick
Tel: 07930 628285
Email: peniglen@yahoo.com

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